The Game"

Let me tell you... an actor can have an audition tomorrow. He can be coached by Meryl Streep, Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington or whichever actor he respects and admires. He will arrive at his audition, sign in, wait in the hallway until his name is called, and be escorted into the room. There they will see the producer, director and writer sitting behind a table along with the reader, casting director and the person handling the video camera. If their mind set is not where it's suppose to be, those hours of training and working on the scene with your favorite actor, just went out of the window.


At this point, if you have not prepared yourself properly, your nerves, fears, doubts, indecision, fear of success or failure, anticipatory anxiety, etc, will threaten to swamp you. I believe this is the heart of the problem when it comes to auditioning. The scene will not live if your mind set is not right.


I made this connection back when I practiced boxing and martial arts. I realized that it is the same for a fighter as it is for an actor, because I believe that actors are fighters.  The most important time in the whole process leading up to the fight is the walk from the locker room to the ring. If the fighter's mindset is not where it should be, those 3 months of training just went out the window. This is why MENTAL TOUGHNESS not only makes all the difference, but is CRITICAL to the actor's success at the audition. Auditioning well is about the total preparation, not just the sides.

By studying The Game of Auditioning, actors learn how to empower themselves and relieve their fears of auditioning.

Herman Chaves

As an actor, Herman Chaves has worked with many prestigious acting teachers and coaches, including a two year professional acting training program with Maggie Flannigan, as well as with Karen Porter White, the only person authorized by Mr. Michael Shurtleff to teach his methods based on his book, "AUDITION". Herman's auditioning skills were sharpened under the guidance of casting director Margaret Burns over the last 11 years. Mr. Chaves's television credits include: Elementary, Louie, The Good Wife, Suits, a recurring role on HBO'sHow to make it in America, 24, Pan-Am, Without a Trace, Curb your Enthusiasm. Film credits include: Taxi, Goal, Boy Wonder, Shelter. He is also the Co-Producer, Co-writer, and Lead actor of the award winning short film Una Calle Sin Salida (Cannes Short Film Corner, 2011).

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