I currently have a few slots open for ongoing private coaching.

Note: Ongoing private coaching requires a three month commitment, ideally once a week.

For interested students, I am offering

a free 1 hour

NO OBLIGATION session with me (value $150).

This is not only to see if I am the right Coach for you, but also to get an honest assessment of where your audition skills are today. Again, there is no obligation to work with me after this hour. It’s a discovery session for us both.

TO BOOK THIS HOUR: email your headshot to thegameofauditioning@gmail.com, and include the day and time that is best for you (Thur-Fri).

Name *
(Don't Forget the Picture & Resume)

Based on your headshot, you will receive a scene from film or television via email and bring it in as if it were a real audition. We will then watch your video and break it down together.

Class is offered in Person or through Skype