These are weekly ongoing classes that apply Herman Chaves audition technique and teaches students all about the audition process.

The success ratio of students booking jobs from this class has been huge. Students who have brought in auditions to work on in class have either booked the job or gotten a call-back consistently.

Students are given material from current pilots, TV shows, and movies when class starts, but they may also bring in their auditions to work on.

In your session you can chose from the following:

  • Any audition's

  • Script analysis for pilots, episodic TV shows, and feature's

  • On-camera work

  • Your personalized business plan

  • Dealing with the personal issue's (audition nerve's) that get in the way and sabotage your auditioning

  • We structure the hour to suit you every week

Private coaching is available at various times Monday through Friday. Please email me your request stating the day of the week and time you are interested in working. I will get back to you regarding what time slots are available within your desired day.

New package options meet 1x week

1 Hour Private class $80 per hour

1 moth commitment $270/ month

2 moth commitment $260/month

3 month commitment $240/month

4 month commitment $220/month


These prices are for private one on one coaching in person or by Skype


One on One private coaching

After you've made your payment, please email your picture & resume to:


All cancellations must be made within 48 hours, and will only be accepted via email