"Here's the deal" 

 "I took this workshop with Herman Chaves "The Game of Auditioning" and it changed my perception, level of confidence, and understanding of auditioning/ casting directors. Since the workshop, Ive booked more jobs and /or I get almost every call back. Herman is a working actor who is willing to break down the hype, and get you to a more confident, relaxed state when auditioning. He's a down to earth guy who just knows the business and wants to help you get a piece of the pie. It will change how you walk into an audition room-trust me.” 

-Athena Colon

"My acting career took"

"My acting career took a 180 from the day I met Herman. I had never even got called back and after two sessions I was booking TV gigs. He truly knows how to break acting down to pure simplicity. with consistent sessions I have truly blossomed as an actor under his tutelage. I owe Herman the world."

-Frank Martinelli

It's just like sports Auditioning is 90% Mental

Be prepared and win the Game.

— Heman Chaves


"Cuts through all unnecessary Stuff"

"Herman has found a way to approach the audition process in a simple, immediate and highly effective way. He cuts through all the unnecessary "stuff" and helps me focus on being in the moment with a clear sense of purpose. Since I've been working with Herman, I have booked more than half the jobs I've auditioned for."

-Shetal Shan

"Powerful, effective and empowering"

 Herman generously shares his talents and insights on what works BEFORE and IN the audition room! Since working with Herman Chaves and applying the Game of Auditioning, I have gotten at minimum a call back from all of my auditions! I have studied at HB Studio and William Esper Studio, and neither has taught me the skills of The Mental Game of Auditioning!!!!

My deepest gratitude and appreciation to Herman Chaves for making auditioning a joy and success!!!”

--Cassandra K. Escobar


"The intensive and sharpness with scenes,

Is amazing, After you work with him, you can walk into that audition room fully prepared and confident which to me is more than half the game in this business. I have met several casting directors this past year and Herman has been an important guide for my successes with them, Pay attention to every little thing he says, because it will all come in to play for that audition!”

-Nalini Sharma

--No one has ever taught me

 How to audition, I was invited to one of his FREE (that's right) seminars in which he taught " The Mental Game of Auditioning". There was no heady BS you get from acting coaches or schools that you usually get. It also made sense, because I was getting this information from a bi-coastal working actor. How many of us have seen the body work from a coach or acting teacher? rarely if ever, so far I have dropped all other classes and schools in order to work with Herman and have done so for the past 6 months. Herman's techniques have changed the course of my career for the better."

-Fernando Mateo Jr.

"Puts everything into perspective,

 When Herman meets with an actor, he knows what the actor needs to work on, and he tackles those insecurities first. My life will never be the same again, and I owe it all to this wonderful actor, teacher, and friend.  Much success always... immense thanks cannot express what you have done for me

-Angela Cove