Actors can only control how they enter an audition or Casting Directors office, what energy they bring to the room and what acting choices they make during the audition and that's it!

The outcome is not up to you, but the preparation is. The one thing all Casting Directors say is crucial to a great audition is..... preparation.

Right now how many legitimate professionals (Casting Directors, Agents, Managers) are willing to consider you?

  • Do you feel you need to be better prepared, when it comes to film & television auditions?

  • Do you overthink or over-analyze every moment of your audition?

  • Do you wish you knew exactly how the Casting Director thinks, and what they are looking for from you?

Learn how to OWN every audition in you own way. I'll teach you how to arrive with the correct mindset and how to tackle even the most challenging scenes in ways that impress the Casting Directors.

The scenes selected & emailed to the participants will be chosen specifically for your "types". The material will reflect whats being cast right now in Episodic Television and feature film. examples include:

  • Dramas

  • Sitcoms

  • Rom Coms

  • Action

  • Sci-Fi and more....

Let's work at removing the overthinking and over analyzing from your audition's, Let's get you prepared, feeling good and having fun!

Option 1   Coming soon

                Time: 7PM-10PM                                                                             

Option 2   Coming Soon

                 Time: 4PM-7PM                                                                                                             

Location: Ripley Grier Studios520 8 Ave 16 Floor NYC 10018  

Limited to 10 adult students per class                                                                                                                                                               

4 classes Monthly

After you've made your payment, please email me your picture & resume to

All cancellations must be made within 48 hours, and will only be accepted via email